The hallmark to the success for any new Self Storage facility is design and location. If you have selected the right site, then the next process is to get the design of buildings completed to suit your site. We offer a full design service to maximise the building footprint for your new facility.

Architects are very good at what they do but if they don’t have any Self Storage experience they most likely will design a facility not taking into account industry need.  They may not be able to source local competition information and may not be up to date with contemporary specialist self storage design. There is a lot more to it than just a few rows of sheds…  The structural and architectural requirements of our buildings are designed by independent Registered Professional Engineers and Architects to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Difficult or irregularly shaped blocks are often suitable for Self Storage and at Bridgmond we can design specific self storage buildings to suit these types of blocks.   At Bridgmond, we can design your new site using newest innovations and products to maximise your income. We work in City or Country areas in several states and more than happy to meet with you at your site to discuss your specific needs.

The Hallmark to the success for any new Self Storage Facility is Design and Location

New Construction

The committed team at Bridgmond are ready to build your new Self Storage buildings. Not all Self Storage buildings are constructed the same. Our team has been building Self Storage buildings for more than 15 years and have developed methods of construction designed to deliver to you, our valued customer, the very best Self Storage buildings.

We use Australian steel and manufactured products from national suppliers such as Bluescope/Lysaght, Stratco, B&D and CSR so we can offer local performance warranties. Our install team is very experienced in the construction and fit-out of Self Storage buildings.

Optimising the layout of your buildings is important to maximise the returns to the owner. At Bridgmond, let us review your plans and let us help you optimise the site layout.

We can construct ranch style single story buildings right up to multi-level steel buildings with the very best in unit design including damage preventing rub rails, corner protection and much more.

Self storage buildings have specific and individual requirements from design to fitout, electrical, security and fire protection. Using a specialist self storage builder gives you the best way to be totally satisfied with your investment.



Design of fit outs is very important for the success of your site. We know and understand the flows of storers, travel distances and unit layout and design.

We offer a complete supply and fit out service for existing buildings. You may have purchased a site that is multi use or have suitable buildings that can be converted to Storage. There are few constraints and Bridgmond Projects can assess your existing building for suitability in regard to Local Planning, Building Code and Fire design requirements etc.

A critical factor in Self storage is that customer’s goods must be kept dry. It is recommended that older buildings deemed suitable for conversion have a roof inspection and any repairs or replacements carried out. We can advise on this work and carry out repair and maintenance and re-roofs etc so you don’t have problems in the future.

Some buildings may suit the construction of a mezzanine floor with a goods/passenger lift providing access. At Bridgmond we can supply and supervise the installation of suitable hoists, and construct an engineered mezzanine floor and staircases.

We use industry specific partitioning and corridor systems with roller doors and swing doors based on the design.  At Bridgmond, we can also integrate to your existing fit-out, matching design where possible.
We can also supply panel and doors to those who have their own installers.


Early Self storage sites are approaching 40 years old. Nothing last forever with early developed sites often being located in prime locations, buildings need renovating or In some cases rebuilding completely.

These facilities can still offer even greater returns with building rejuvenation. The accepted mix of spaces 40 years ago may not suit contemporary storer needs. Bridgmond Projects can design a new building using the latest in building design, insulation and functionality delivering a new lease on life for even the oldest self storage facility.

Older sites often have great access and site layout, re-optimising the site for contemporary self storage demand can lead to much higher profits and most importantly allow the older site to compete with the latest in unit design. Updating these older buildings also gives the site new product to sell making them more competitive with newer competitive sites.

Replacement building and site works can be staged to avoid customer disruption. Sadly every now and then a building can be damaged by water, fire or storm. Bridgmond can undertake complete restoration of a building that has suffered water or fire damage, restoring them and updating them to the latest standards. Often a replacement building can be reconfigured to deliver higher income than before by analysis of unit rentals in existing buildings.

Repairs & Maintenance

Specialist self storage buildings don’t usually require a lot of maintenance, but unfortunately there are times when damage occurs. Commonly hallway panels are damaged, the corners of units are damaged in corridors and drainpipes and panels can be damaged by trucks and cars running into them.

Don’t leave this damage un-repaired. Water can penetrate the building if the external cladding is damaged. We offer a repair & maintenance service to replace damaged walls, roller doors, swing doors, bollards etc.

Maintaining your self storage facility in tip top order is vitally important to maximise income, making sure that out of service units are put back in service. Units that are damaged cannot be rented and may be a hazard to customers. We can maintain your self storage units to make sure that they are in rentable condition including servicing of roller doors and swing doors.

Keeping your self storage facility well maintained by ensuring that panels that are damaged are replaced and doors that work every time maintains the value of your self storage facility and importantly shows customers that you care about your own facility and in turn the storage of their valuable goods. If you need repairs or  maintenance for your self storage facility contact us and we can get you facility back to tip top operational condition.